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Articles written by Frank G. D'Angelo, Esq.
"Medicaid Benefits Update for 2013"
"MEDICAID UPDATE: January 2013 New Procedure to Access NYC Home Care"
"How will the Affordable Health Care Act effect You"
"Medicare Update: An End to Medicare's"Improvement Standared "
"Adult Guardianships in New York State"
"The Healthcare Proxy and Living Will in New York State"
"Estate Planning Tip: Good Record Keeping & Safe Document Storage"
"FDIC Insurance Coverage & Revocable Living Trusts"
"FDIC Rules & Regulations: Keeping Your Saving Safe at the Bank"
"Reverse Mortgages: Home Equity as a Source of Income"
"Helpful Questions when Selecting a Continuing Care Retirement Community"
"Summary of 2009 Medicaid & Medicare Benefits"
AARP Legal Services Network
New York State Medicaid Home Page
Alzheimer's Association of Long Island
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